In a collaboration between Accelerator and the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University, the project 'Engaged' presents a site-specific sound installation by LNUA (NO) in one of Accelerator’s public toilet stalls. The project presents the commissioned work 'flisbelagt tilfluktsrom' by LNUA on 25 October. The work will be on view until 15 November as a part of Accelerator’s public programme.

The collaboration between Accelerator and the International Master’s Programme in Curating Art aims to create a series of events in connection to themes that Accelerator wishes to highlight in the exhibition programme. 'Engaged' is a curatorial project and event curated by Hannah Ingvoldstad and developed in connection to Lisa Tan’s exhibition 'Dodge and/or Burn'.  

'Engaged' came to fruition through a series of conversations between the curator and artist about the isolating experience of burnout and overworking. In response to these conversations, the artist created the immersive soundscape 'flisbelagt tilfluktsrom'. The series of atmospheric shifts in the soundscape explores the multifaceted relationship to work and lavatory as site.

The lavatory is one of the most intimate spaces of daily life. At the same time, it is often a shared one. The intertwining of the public and private resonates with subjective and societal experience of burnout. In moments of stress, the lavatory often becomes a refuge – a place of rest. The site transforms to a place to cry – to text – to sit.

LNUA (NO) is the moniker of Oslo-based experimental musician and sound artist Luna Storeide. Through her music, LNUA explores the ever-changing nature of life, using sample manipulation and sound synthesis to create sonic landscapes that reflect the fluidity and chaos of our experiences. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including ambient, noise, and club music, LNUA's compositions are immersive and engaging, seamlessly blending atmospheric textures with abrasive, high-energy passages.